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We’re building another brewery. Inside city limits.

09.30.2016 | 29 Comments

Go small or go home

07.08.2016 | 0 Comments

How to start a brewery

12.31.2013 | 5 Comments

Lessons from a craft beer startup

05.22.2012 | 7 Comments

High praise from a true Scotsman

04.30.2012 | 0 Comments

We like it when people go out of their way to tell us how awesome we are. Dave O. sent us this email on Friday: Guys, I bought a growler of Drafty Kilt at The Best of Brews on Thursday evening and I am going to have to get back tomorrow and get another. That

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Reflections after our first beer festival season

11.15.2011 | 1 Comment

We survived our first beer festival season as “brewers” instead of “drinkers.” Though, truth be told, we were also drinkers. It was a fun, busy time with multiple events every week. In some ways, November feels like the calm after the storm. A cold, dark calm, but a calm, nonetheless. This cold, dark weather has

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Reflections from the other side: 4 Mondays in

08.29.2011 | 7 Comments

Metal beer signs and the coming apocalypse

02.10.2011 | 15 Comments

Metal beer signs. They are in bars everywhere. One would assume that they are actually a decent marketing tactic, given their prevalence. However, I have a hard time rationalizing the ROI myself. Have I ever bought a beer because I saw a sign up? I don’t think so. Have you? The only thing I can

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Favorite beer slogan or branding element?

01.13.2011 | 9 Comments

So I’m sitting here drinking a Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron (quite good, by the way). I’m reading the description. The last few sentences go: At 10,000 gallons each, these are the largest wooden brewing vessels built in America since before Prohibition. It’s all very exciting. We have wood. Now you do too. Quite subtle,

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Reflections on 2010

12.30.2010 | 1 Comment

Four years ago, armed with only a turkey fryer and a few plastic buckets, we set out on a journey to launch a brewery in 2010. At the time, we knew very little about the brewing industry, so our timeline was meant to be far enough into the future to give us a chance to

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The Joys of Banking

12.15.2010 | 3 Comments

The Search for God and Guinness

04.23.2010 | 0 Comments

I am currently reading The Search for God and Guinness by Stephen Mansfield. I’m about halfway through and so far it is excellent. If you love beer and beer history (I’m looking at YOU, Maureen Ogle), this is a must-read. That is all. Please return back to your regularly scheduled Friday activities.

Why we love beer

02.24.2010 | 8 Comments

It’s no surprise that we love beer. If it IS a surprise, you clearly have trouble drawing reasonable conclusions from what you have read. But why do we love beer? Our reasons are varied, and we’d love to hear yours. Here are some of my top reasons, in no particular order: Beer is alive. The

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A stout dilemma

10.29.2009 | 2 Comments

Many people have preconceived, often false, notions of stouts. This glorious beer has a heavy color and a heavier name (in-laws are stout, not beers, right?). People tend to associate the following traits with this heavy outward appearance: Bitter Thick and rich High alcohol This is the subject of a recent New York Times article,

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Better baseball teams command higher beer prices

09.11.2009 | 5 Comments

The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article today on the correlation between a ballpark’s winning percentage and the cost of the beer there. I’m admittedly not the biggest baseball fan (I blame it on one massive failure of a year playing Little League), but beer and economics is right up my alley. Beer prices

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Labels as art in craft beer

08.12.2009 | 1 Comment

There’s an interesting (and short) article in Metro about “The art of the six-pack.” And I quote: ?The craft beer industry is a very creative industry,? explains Matt Polacheck, Art Director at Brooklyn-based Shmaltz Brewing, whose Coney Island Craft Lagers line features colorful, sideshow poster-inspired labels. ?The artful labels tie in to the whole culture

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The basics of marketing a brewery: name and logo

08.04.2009 | 6 Comments

Recently we’ve been writing a column for a new online beer magazine, Beer Connoisseur. I’ve even got to the point where I spell “Connoisseur” correctly on the first try. A couple weeks ago we ran an article about the basics of marketing a new brewery. I’d like to present a slightly updated version of that

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The coolest guys in the world are interviewed

04.30.2009 | 0 Comments

In a moment of weakness, Eric over at HolzBrew thought it would be a good idea to interview us about the process of starting a brewery. Eric soon realized the folly of this interview request, but nevertheless he followed through with it. Read the interview in its entirety. Do it, you big pansy. You didn’t

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It’s strange.

04.09.2009 | 1 Comment

The weeks that we don’t brew are inevitably worse. I think brewing has become something of a weekly catharsis for us, a way to regroup and pour ourselves out into something that we are passionate about. But why exactly? There’s an obvious social angle to all that we do, which is great. But I also

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The difference between homebrewing and commercial brewing

03.11.2009 | 9 Comments

First, let the record show that we are still technically homebrewers. But after being entrenched in the homebrewing culture for a few years now, and after having some exposure to the professional brewing culture as well, we thought it might be interesting to point out one of the fundamental differences between the two. There are

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This week’s brewing recap brought to you by Joel’s outsourced replacement

01.06.2009 | 6 Comments

We’re going to try a little something new here at MNB. It’s called empowerment. Jeff, being the unwieldy CEO, isn’t too keen on the idea, but he doesn’t know how to delete blog posts. So here’s the drill. If you want to write something about MNB or your experience at MNB, shoot me an email.

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