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How to Assemble a Brewery


Let me start by saying that the title of this post is deceptive. But we wanted to show you a few pictures of the brewery “in process.” Because:

  • We’re excited
  • We like shiny things
  • Our 2 blog readers have been begging for pictures

So here you go. The first picture is of the first truck (of 5) loaded down with brewhouse tanks.

Apparently it’s important to not drop all of the equipment that you just spent a ton of money on. Regardless, unloading took FOREVER.

Once we unloaded the tanks, we brought them in horizontally. Sidenote: The truck driver took a massive deuce in our toilet and then claimed afterwards that it was clogged before he used it (not pictured).

Next, we stood up all of the tanks. By “we,” I mean guys that are smarter than me stood up the tanks.

And now for the fun part! We’re doing all of the process piping for the brewhouse this week. For all of you brewery nerds, we ended up going with a 4-vessel 30bbl system from DME, made right here in North America. The boil kettle has a calandria for maximum awesomeness. We are still awaiting the shipment of 4 90bbl fermenters to complement the 2 30bbl fermenters here in-house.

See all of those pipes and valves on the ground? Yeah… we need to put all of those together. Correctly. So leave us alone for a little while.

More to come!

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