UPDATED 3/24/20

Starting Wednesday, March 25 we will transition to a DRIVE-THRU to-go operation at our West Midtown taproom. The Garage will be closed until further notice. 

HOURS, West Midtown: Every day, 1-6pm

Garage: CLOSED

We are proactively taking this action in an attempt to keep our staff and guests safe in the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, helping us to keep the community that we value so deeply even further out of harm’s way. 

Additional precautions we’re taking include:

* Consistent glove use, replacing after each hand wash

* Sanitizing to go menu after each use, as well as offering a hands-free menu

* Sanitizing POS system after each transaction (note: no POS system necessary if you pre-purchase online)

* No handling of beer by guests until it is purchased

* Wiping down all internal surfaces—including door handles, coolers and bartop—every 30 minutes

* No one outside of staff permitted within the brewery

* Frequent hand washing by all staff

For an even more seamless experience, all drive-through orders can be pre-purchased here. You can still use a credit card onsite (no cash). We appreciate your patience and support through all of this, and feel so fortunate to be able to adapt to serve our community. We have a few things coming up for y’all that will hopefully make this challenging time a bit more manageable, so please stay tuned.

Supporting your local brewery via to go sales will help us exponentially to weather the storm of these trying times. You can also show support by purchasing sweet swag in our online store, or purchasing gift cards for future use.