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Yes we can

We have a new canning line, purchased used from Cigar City via New Belgium. So while it’s not brand new, it’s new to us, and has a history of canning great beer. The challenge will be to live up to its storied past. And while we could have come out of the gate canning Eye Patch Ale or Drafty Kilt, it seemed a little too obvious. Though if we’re honest with ourselves, we also wanted to use this opportunity to show off a little bit.

After months of recipe development, including over 10 versions of the dry hop alone, we’ve landed on what we think is a winner – Slap Fight. This West Coast-style IPA is miles away from our English-style Eye Patch Ale, and in fact uses a different base malt and completely different hops. Comet, Equinox, Mosaic and Bravo hops team up to deliver a metaphorical slap to the face.

Slack for iOS Upload-9Slap Fight has a pungent herbal aroma with just the right amount of citrus. Its light malt body is the perfect canvas for the grapefruit, papaya and spice notes that shine through. And it’s only 5.8% ABV, so you can happily drink more than one.

Today is launch day. Look out for Slap Fight at your favorite watering hole or craft beer store, and let us know what you think!


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