We’re building another brewery. Inside city limits.


We have big news. We are building a 2nd brewery focusing on barrel-aged and sour beers. We are building this brewery along one of the largest urban renewal projectsin the country: the BeltLine. We are planting an urban orchard to aid in wild fermentation. We are opening a 2nd tasting room as part of this new development. We hope to be open Summer 2017.

Okay, let’s start at the beginning. The past few years our barrel-aged beers have won numerous awards, ranging from Gold at the Great American Beer Festival for Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt, to Silver at the World Beer Cup for Laissez-Faire Cabernet Barrel Wheat Wine. Our barrel program has quickly become an integral part of who we are as a brewery, and it’s also something we’re pretty good at. Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the room at our Westside location to do all the things we want to be able to do.

We started thinking about additional space for barrel-aging, but before we got too far down the road, we realized we needed to approach this potentially large business decision via our stated purpose:

Monday Night Brewing exists to deepen human relationships over some of the best beer in the country.

We can never forget that inviting friends and strangers into the garage to brew on Monday nights is how we got started. The ability to help build and shape community is why we wanted to open a brewery in the first place. With deepening human relationships as the end goal, we realized we needed to add a couple things to our search criteria:

  • Space for barrel-aging and souring
  • Physical location in an underserved part of Atlanta
  • Tasting room as key component of buildout

We ended up finding an amazing spot along the BeltLine’s Southwest corridor, currently under construction and slated to open next summer. We thought long and hard about building in the City again. Frankly, we were courted seriously by other cities in Georgia and other states as well. Ultimately, we love this city and want to help build something great here. We are part of the Lee + White Development (at the corner of Lee St. and White St.), which will be home to other local food producers including Southern Aged Cheese, Doux South Pickles, and Honeysuckle Gelato. As if that wasn’t tantalizing enough, here are some things we have planned for the 22,000 sq ft space (for reference, our current facility is 20,000 sq ft):

  • Multiple barrel-aging and souring rooms
  • Wild/open fermentation capabilities
  • Tasting room with patio along BeltLine
  • Orchard (fruits will be used in beer production and will also aid with wild fermentation)
  • Dog- and bicycle-friendly outdoor space
  • Paintings of dinosaurs

As we now begin the process of planning and buildout, we have started reaching out to the various neighborhoods and organizations operating around us. We obviously want to make sure this new space is economically viable, but we also want to make sure we are building something that enhances and reflects the community that surrounds it. Southwest Atlanta isn’t as developed as the Westside, but it is already home to vibrant communities such as West End and Adair Park. We hope to be a meeting place for these neighbors, to employ these neighbors, and to invest back into the community when possible.

As our plans unfold, we’ll continue to update you on the yet-to-be-named new space. Which leads us to the obvious question – any ideas on what we should call it?

  • Rose

    Woo hoo! West End neighbors will welcome you with open arms! Bring on the beers! Thank you for keeping Atlanta in the core of your company!

  • West End Brewery!

  • Chris S.

    Can’t wait to see y’all there! #WestEndBestEndATL

  • Laura Robinson

    Don’t forget the Capitol View nieghborhood! The neighborhood association would love an update on your plan—since we will all be biking over that way. We are also home to some of the biggest beer fans in the city.

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  • Sherry Bailey

    Don’t forget Westview! Westview Brew, just sayin.

  • Underwood Hills

    Were you guys taking a celebratory jog in UH this morning taking it back to your roots?

  • Michael

    Sowesty! (as in, South West Atlanta) Or SourWesty (as in Sour AND West, with an ode’ to Southwestendedness). Or Souwesty! (A less forward version of the prior).

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  • That’s exciting.

  • Tara Whittington

    How about “City Ties?”

  • Amanda

    This is great news! SO happy to hear you are building in this area and collaborating with the neighborhoods!

  • Yes, actually!

  • Great! Who should we reach out to?

  • Oh we won’t. =)

  • Tyler

    Please don’t forget to reach out to Westview Neighborhood Association as well!! Need to name at least one Beer after the Westside beltline, “Westside Trail Pale Ale” sounds tasty!

  • Tyler

    Yay! Westview People already here!!

  • Laura Robinson

    The president of the neighborhood association is Greg Giles. His phone number is: 678.698.6033. We have meetings the 3rd Saturday of every month…and I am confident the members will be extremely interested in an update and would be very happy to welcome you to a meeting in the near future. The secretary is Christie Peters (678.796.8434). in case you want to reach out to her as well to discuss coming to visit us. Many neighbors visit the wonderful breweries in ATL as well as NC often, so you will find a pretty pro-beer group here! ;)

  • We just talked to Greg, thanks!

  • Underwood Hills

    Ha nice promise I’m not a stalker! Cute dog by the way!

  • Ashlee Holmes

    Another Notch (On the Beltline)?

  • Laura Robinson


  • Westview Brew! Love it!

  • Willardsdaughter

    Yeah! I got to read about it. The whole thing sounds fantastic, and I love your company’s vision statement (purpose statement?) Blessings on the new venture!

  • Lazer

    Tuesday’s Gone…. Drinking.

  • Jaqai

    We just closed on a house in Adair. Aaaaaand this announcement makes me feel even smarter about that decision.

  • zeek

    Olympian circle in the house!!!!!!!

  • l Frazer

    Moving back to Historic West End in a few weeks, cant wait to ride my bike to your location. True ATLiens know that ‘West Side Has Always Been The Best Side’. Thanks for investing in our community!