An Award-winning chef and brewmaster walk into a bar.

We’re beyond stoked to share a new line of brews we’ve developed called the Chef Series. We’re teaming up with local chefs we admire and creating audaciously delicious brews inspired by their recipes. A brainchild of our Brewmaster Peter Kiley, when he first pitched the Chef Series to the team, we suspected it was a long con to get free food.

Photo of Claudia
Venezuelan Oatmeal Cookies

Our suspicions were promptly disabused when Peter teamed up with legendary Executive Pastry Chef Claudia V. Martinez of Miller Union. A James Beard Foundation Outstanding Pastry Chef Finalist in 2022, for our first ever edition of the Chef Series, Martinez shared the recipe of her prized Venezuelan Oatmeal Cookies for us to beer-ify.

The Strong Ale we based on those cookies is now available on draft and to-go in our Atlanta taprooms. Brewed with coconut, chocolate, cardamom, vanilla, and sea salt, the final product is a pastiche of warm spices, with sweet toasted coconut shining through on the palate.

At its heart, this collaboration was one of the coolest learning experiences we’ve had to date. Not only did Claudia visit us and lend a hand with brewing, but she welcomed us into the kitchen at Miller Union for a cookie baking demonstration that would put Food Network to shame.

Photo of Claudia and Peter

An homage to makers, and people who love what they do, 25% of all net proceeds from Chef Series will be donated to our friends at Giving Kitchen who provide emergency assistance to food service workers.

Want to make the cookies that inspired the brew? Scope out the recipe below.

Claudia V. Martinez's Venezuelan Oatmeal Cookies