Easy-drinking and approachable. Brewed for the weeknights. Available year-round. Look for these beers on draft and in 6-packs throughout Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama

Lay Low

ABV 3.2% IBUs 30


ABV 7.1% IBUs 55

Dr. Robot

ABV 5.0% IBUs 7

Blind Pirate

ABV 7.4% IBUs 55

Drafty Kilt

ABV 7.2% IBUs 26

Slap Fight

ABV 5.8% IBUs 58

Han Brolo

ABV 4.7% IBUs 25

I’m On A Boat

ABV 4.8% IBUs 20


Catch these beers when you see them. Available seasonally wherever you find our beer.


ABV 5.3% IBUs 38

Hop Hut

Say aloha to these special edition hoppy beers. Cans Only Available at the Hop Hut (west Midtown Taproom)

Humble Mumble

ABV 8.3% IBUs 65

Same As It Ever Was

ABV 7% IBUs 45

Black Tie Series

Limited Release Beers with unlimited style. available on draft and in cans in select locations.

Space Lettuce

ABV 8.1% IBUs 70

Darker Subject Matter ’20

ABV 13.5% IBUs 45

Garage Series

Limited edition and award-winning big, bold, SOUR, AND/OR BARREL-AGED PROJECTS.
AVAILABLE ON DRAFT and in bottles at the Garage
limited availability in select stores, bars and restaurants.