Blind Pirate: Revamped

Over our history, we have proven that we’re not afraid to make changes to our core lineup. Nor are we afraid to tinker with our recipes. Which is why, if you haven’t had Blind Pirate Blood Orange IPA in a while, you’ll notice a change.

One of our core values is ‘Fight For Excellence.’ That means we never want to rest on our laurels. If we can improve our beers, we owe it to you to make it happen. Even though we’ve had the blood orange version of Blind Pirate in our lineup for several years now, our brewing team believed they could make it better.  

Every week, we run individual batches of beer through a sensory panel. The small, hand-picked team of flavor ninjas test for consistency, effects of age and heat, and overall quality. Over the process of several months, the team started picking up on patterns.

“We realized Blind Pirate wasn’t as juicy or balanced as we thought it could be,” said brewmaster Peter Kiley. “So we adjusted our hop addition and fine-tuned our mash process. The result was a Blind Pirate with a bit more residual sweetness, more citrus notes and a more balanced hop profile. We’re really happy with how this turned out.”

We hope you are too. With the exception of that one beer you’ve got stashed in the way back of your beer fridge, the Blind Pirates you are drinking are made with the new recipe. Please let us know your feedback – we’d love to know what you think.