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Building a brewery

Looking forward, looking back

01.05.2017 | 0 Comments

We’re building another brewery. Inside city limits.

09.30.2016 | 29 Comments

Working at a growing brewery

11.13.2015 | 0 Comments

Monday Night Brewing has only been around for 4 years as a revenue-generating entity, so in one sense we’re still making up for 5 revenue-losing years of home-brewing out of our garage. In those 4 short years, we’ve experienced double-digit and triple-digit growth annually, now distribute to two states, and employ a motley crew of

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Tasting Room 2.0

05.06.2015 | 0 Comments

Monday Night expands like sweatpants

01.25.2015 | 4 Comments

How to start a brewery

12.31.2013 | 5 Comments

New fermenters on the way. Tank you very much.

06.25.2013 | 1 Comment

So. Y’all have been buying all the beer we have been brewing. Which is cool, but that means we need to brew more beer. So we bought some more tanks. And for allowing us to supply you with some Monday Night beers, we tank you from the bottom of our heart. Here are a few

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Monday Night Tasting Room: 4 Months in 2 Minutes

02.22.2013 | 1 Comment

Our tasting room didn’t start out looking cool and hip. It look a lot of work. We started with a shell of a room, and it took 4 months start to finish. Check out all 4 months of construction in less than 2 minutes, courtesy of OxBlue, leading up to our grand opening. OxBlue, our

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Tie One On

01.09.2013 | 3 Comments

Here’s a little preview of one aspect of our tasting room, opening to the public soon. Click the photo for a larger view. And thank YOU for all of the tie donations! Photo courtesy David Baker

Take your stalking to a whole other level

12.07.2012 | 1 Comment

Have you ever wondered exactly what is going on at the brewery? Of course you have, you creeper. See below for an *almost* live feed of the brewery, provided by OxBlue. You will have to manually refresh this page for updated images. This page will also have a permanent home here: https://mondaynightbrewing.com/brewcam

How to Assemble a Brewery

10.30.2012 | 6 Comments

Let me start by saying that the title of this post is deceptive. But we wanted to show you a few pictures of the brewery “in process.” Because: We’re excited We like shiny things Our 2 blog readers have been begging for pictures So here you go. The first picture is of the first truck

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