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Monday Night expands like sweatpants


We now have four new 120bbl fermenters (and one 120 bbl brite tank) taking up space in our brewery. These shiny new toys will allow us to add more than 5,000 barrels of annual capacity. What does this mean for you?  It means you need to start drinking more Monday Night. Immediately.

The new tanks are the ones without any plumbing to them in the picture below, so realistically you have about 2 weeks before you need to ramp up your beer consumption. Better buy some sweatpants.


4 thoughts on “Monday Night expands like sweatpants

  1. I used to like MNB, but your place sucks now. The atmosphere is completely different (clubby) and you don’t have enough open taps. The in-brewery experience is now just standing in line waiting for 1/3 pours and watching hipsters cut in front of you (a.k.a. it sucked)

  2. Sorry, Disappointed! The past 3 months have admittedly been much busier than anticipated. We are working on ways to improve the experience, including building another bar and punching all hipsters in the face at the door, but these things take time. We hope you’ll give us another chance in a few months – by then we should have the tasting room running smoother!

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