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Cheers to Seven Years!

By Jonathan Baker

It was about this time 11 years ago.

Humid and oppressively hot, but pleasant once the sun went down. Jeff, Joel and I had just wrapped up another grueling but fun home brew session on a Monday night, surrounded by friends and neighbors. We’d kicked everyone out, and as was our custom, we opened up a few beers (and maybe a clove cigarette or two) to share on the front porch to catch up and dream.

Co-founders Jeff Heck (center) and Joel Iverson back in the garage days. Not pictured: Jonathan Baker, because he’s probably taking the picture.

Every home brewer dreams of opening a brewery at some point. We were no different. We talked about the future, how fun it would be to have our own little brewery one day, with our future kids running around.

Fast forward 11 years to 2018, and somehow we have just wrapped up Monday Night Brewing’s 7th anniversary. This time, we had 9 of our real kids running around a real brewery. Yes, 9 kids. Jeff and Joel joke that they keep having children because the banks need more collateral. (They’re really into dad jokes now.)

The almost 2,000 people that came out for Tie One On would not have fit into our old driveway. Frankly, the 85 wonderful folks we employ wouldn’t have fit into our driveway either. That’s a sobering thought (pun intended, I like dad jokes too). As fun as it is to create new beers, win awards, and come up with crazy beer names, we recognize we couldn’t have done it without your support.

You have been with us along the way: ordering our beer at bars, picking it up at your local bottle shop, visiting one of our two taprooms, and yes, sharing your very strong personal opinions about beer. We appreciate it all, truly. It’s been a blast making beer for you these past 7 years, though we like to think we’re just getting started. Our orchard at the Garage is growing like a weed in an orchard, and we have our first batch of spontaneously fermented koelschip beers bubbling away in barrels. We’ve reinvigorated our West Midtown taproom with the introduction of the Hop Hut, and have been cranking out a ton of delicious experimental IPAs, slowly iterating on recipes and developing new techniques. We have a new canning line and new tanks arriving in the next few months, with the goal of making you even more delicious, better beers in the future.

So cheers to you for a fun-filled seven years, and here’s to the next seven!

Jonathan is one of the co-founders and chief marketing officer of Monday Night Brewing. 

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