Introducing Shift Meal

A shift meal might be a moment of respite after a long night on the floor, but it’s more likely a 9pm refuel scarfed in a secret corner out of view. If you’re lucky, it’s paired with a beer. 

Brewed in collaboration with Recess, our Shift Meal is an ode to the creativity and resilience of the food and beverage industry, with 100% of the profit going to Giving Kitchen.

This wine barrel-aged, mixed-culture sour combines fresh raspberries, beets, and coriander for a slight pucker alongside farmhouse funk. With a flavor profile inspired by Recess’ signature plant-based dishes, Shift Meal will keep you energized, curious, and delighted.  

Shift Meal is available today, 5/20 at our West Midtown and Garage taprooms. Don’t forget: every little bit counts when supporting our food & beverage community during this time. As hurried as they often were, shift meals are hard to come by now, but our friends at Giving Kitchen are doing amazing work to help.

Recess head chef Victoria Shore tastes Shift Meal with Monday Night Barrel Program Manager Tim McDonnell. (Pre COVID-19)