In the World Of Hard Seltzers, Narwater Is King. We’ll Prove It.

Trade in your ‘Claws, get a Narwater Party Pack for just $10!

In the world of hard seltzers, Narwater is king. We want to prove it to you.

From Friday 5/15-Sunday 5/17 bring an (empty) 12-pack box of a competitor’s hard seltzer to our West Midtown drive thru, and get a Narwater Party Pack for $6 off.

No, we didn’t stutter. That’s a 12-pack of our real fruit, brewed-not-blended craft hard seltzer for just $10. Think of it as a (very delicious) consolation prize for getting through all those rounds of Claws. 

Offer valid at our ‘Touchless’ Drive-Thru at West Midtown ONLY. 

Drive thru hours:
FRI 1-7pm
SAT 12-6pm
SUN-THUR 1-6pm.