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Introducing the Clip-On Series…

Serrano-Eye-Patch-Clip-On-500pxWe’ve been simmering on an idea here at the brewery for awhile. Many breweries have seasonals… lighter beers in the summer, winter warmers in the winter, and who knows what in the spring (maybe a pale ale?!). We wanted to do something a little different.

Monday Night Brewing has 5 core beers, and they all sell equally well, which is rare for a brewery. In some ways, not having a flagship beer has been helpful. It’s easier to introduce new craft beer lovers to a beer they might like. But while we’re happy with our core lineup, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to have a little fun with them. So we developed the Clip-On Series.

Clip-On Series beers will be available 3-4 months at a time, in 6-packs and on draft, and will each be a twist on a core beer. First up, a beer that has been in and out of our draft lineup for a couple years: Serrano Eye Patch Ale.

Serrano Eye Patch Ale is infused with fresh Serrano peppers (hundreds of them). It’s got a touch of heat, but more pepper flavor than you might expect from a “hot” beer. It’s delightful and surprisingly refreshing, and starting today you can find it at your favorite bottle shop or bar.

We’re partnering up with Beer Street Journal to launch a Clip-On contest – come up with an idea for a twist on a base beer, and we’ll brew our favorite and serve it in the tasting room. You and your friends (assuming you win, which you will) will all be invited for the launch. More info on that soon. Until then, you might want to get familiar with our core lineup of beers. Taste-testing is encouraged.

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