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Laissez-Faire: a beer for the 1%

Today we launch our most exciting Black Tie Series beer to date – Laissez-Faire. Lassez-Faire is a 12% wheat wine aged in single-use Jordan Winery cabernet barrels. It was finished off with Champagne yeast and has been barrel-aging for almost a year. And it tastes like money would taste, if money actually tasted good.

Laissez-Faire is a beer near and dear to our hearts. Not only did it take a lot of time and energy to bring to fruition, but it got its start in the garage. We originally brewed this as our annual barleywine. We would brew it once every June or July and age it until winter. It was one of the more exciting brew days we had on Monday in the garage. The recipe has been tweaked quite a bit, but the spirit of Laissez-Faire remains the same. This is a beer that takes a long time to make, so we have had to keep our “hands off” until it has been ready.

Look for it around town at your favorite beer spots starting 9/21. We’ll also have it on tap at the brewery, until it runs out. Which it will. Quickly.

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