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#MakersOfMonday – Alex Gerhardt

Here at Monday Night Brewing, we take our core values quite seriously. As a business, we want to serve and honor our employees – that’s why we’re showing them off. #MakersofMonday is a series highlighting the powerhouses that help create the beer from grain to glass, from our tank to your table.

Alex transferring some of our liquid into barrels.

The job of a cellarman can be a tough one. You need to be precise, attentive and patient.  Ours is Alex Gerhardt. After applying three hours late to a 300-word email, this remarkably chill dude showed up without knowing what the job would entail.  He floated from the lab to the bar and finally to the tanks. Alex makes sure the beer we make is flowing correctly. He also takes care of Sage, his objectively cute furry friend. 

Here’s more from Alex:

Q: “What are three words to describe your time at Monday Night Brewing?”

Alex: “The first three words that come to mind are super freaking sweet.”

Q: “Proudest moment at Monday Night?”

A: “During my internship, I got to brew a five-barrel batch from my own recipe and go through the entire process. It’is a 12% ABV Belgian quad still waiting in bourbon barrels to be released later this year. It’s dark and strong, like I like my ladies….” (Editor’s note: insert eye roll emoji here)

Q: “You have a one-way plane ticket tomorrow morning. Where do you go?”

A: “I spent some time abroad last year living and working at a local farm in Tuscany, Italy. If I could get back in touch with those people, then I would definitely head back.”

Q: “Secret talent?”

A: “I have a stupid fast reaction time. Even though I drop things all of the time, I always catch them.”

Q: “What is one thing you are pretty sure about?”

A: “I have my s*** together.”

Q: “What Monday Night beer are you and why?”

A: ”Mischief Managed because it is sour yet refreshing and great with food. Raspberries are my favorite fruit, and this beer brings back days of picking them fresh from the bush. Also, it is the beer of choice for a young wizard..”

Sign up for our newsletter here or check our social media updates for more #MakersofMonday stories coming soon! Also, Alex’s spirit beer, Mischief Managed, will be on tap at Tie One On, our 7th-anniversary celebration Aug. 4th and 5th. See you there.

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