Mischief. Managed.

Coming Saturday, Sept. 7: The latest in our series of tart, fruity and refreshing beers.

Mischief Managed is our series of tart, clean, and crisp Berliner Weisse-style sours from the Garage. Adding fresh fruits to each batch only enhances the desirablility of this drink. 

This time around? We decided to take a trip to the Equator. On Saturday (Sept. 7), Mischief Managed – Guava and Passionfruit arrives. It’ll be on tap at the Garage with bottles to go. Look for it in select bottle shops and bars in Georgia next week, and coming to Tennessee and Alabama later this month.

“As we turn the page into autumn, we wanted to keep the summertime party going,” said Brewmaster Peter Kiley. “The sweet, tropical, and juicy flavors of these fruits really play well into the base beer, and it’s something that you’ll be able to enjoy while you’re taking part in all sorts of mischief.”

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