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MNB Dodgeball Face-Off: Meet the Ref

You didn’t think we could host a dodgeball game without a proper ref, did you? Of course not. We’re taking this very seriously. Meet Brentnol John, your favorite (only) referee for the MNB Darth Evaders/Orpheus Brewing game.

Monday Night Brewing: How long have you been refereeing? What do you like about it?
Brentnol John: I’ve been reffing since a digital clock was put in a wristwatch. I’m in love with any sport you can make a movie about.

MNB: What is the most important quality a team should possess to win the game of dodgeball?
BJ: A lot of people think dodgeball is all athleticism, strategy, and skill. But really it’s all in the name. Better the team name, better the team.

MNB: What is the craziest thing you have seen while refereeing?
BJ: Thaddeus Williams 1986. That man cleaned house. Defeated a whole team before finishing a CapriSun.

MNB: What do you expect to see from two “teams” who brew beer and may or may not display any athleticism whatsoever?
BJ: I am a fan of sportsmanship and dance moves. Give me both, and we’ve got a good time on our hands.

The only known photo of Brentnol reffing.

Come out to the Garage Friday, 9/28 to see Brentnol in action (and to witness Orpheus fail miserably at dodging our balls). 7pm; free to attend.

More details here.

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