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Monday Night Mile Parking and Details

Tonight is the night! Monday Night Mile is upon us. #4beers1mile

The Monday Night Mile will take the place of our normal tour and tasting. Stop by between 6-9pm. It’s free to watch the race, and pints of Monday Night beer will be on sale for $5. We are launching our new Nerd Alert Pseudo Pilsner today, a 5% easy-drinking ale (that reminds you of a lager)!

Please note that since Trabert Ave will be closed for the race, parking will be a little different tonight, and will involve some walking/running/crawling on your part. Because of this, we STRONGLY recommend you take Uber, carpool, or public transportation. Additional notes are below, followed by the parking map.

  • Bring your ID. No one will be admitted that is under 21 and/or without a valid form of identification.
  • Parking – The following parking areas are recommend (listed in order of proximity to the event)
  • Bib | T-Shirt Pickup – Race day pickup starts at 5:45PM. Come early to avoid the lines.
  • Dress to Impress – Remember it’s not how fast you run the Monday Night Mile – it’s how good or silly you look doing it. It’s go time. Dress inappropriately.

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