Why Breweries are an Ideal Corporate Event Location

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” — English Proverb

Most folks need to be challenged at work to feel fulfilled. That said, being challenged is hard. Doing difficult things all the time can stress you out. If your colleagues are bringing their A-game everyday, then they’ll appreciate an opportunity to bring more play to the office. This is where outside-the-office corporate events can be a lifesaver, and there isn’t a better corporate event location than a craft brewery.

If creating a fun and excited corporate culture is one of your company’s goals, mixing up your routines is a must. A change of venue can bring a lot of new energy and engagement to recurring corporate events such as:

  • staff meetings
  • re-training
  • continued education

At Monday Night Brewing, our space has everything you need for a productive event. We’ve got a projector for presentations or videos, an excellent sound system (we regularly host musical acts), and ample space for a large group.

Happyyyyyyyyy [hours are the best] — Pharrell

Sometimes the best way to facilitate a more interconnected office environment is to get your employees connecting with each other after business hours. Monday Night regularly hosts corporate happy hours for all sorts of businesses. Many companies choose to get creative with their happy hours. One company decided to put on a “murder mystery” happy-hour where they brought in a local theatre group to put on a show while they enjoyed some MNB brews. Google put on an Oktoberfest  happy hour complete with a full-on polka band.

corporate event location polka
Google’s Polka Baby rockin out!


Everybody likes recognition. Everybody loves craft beer! Give your customers and colleagues the best of both worlds by hosting customer appreciation events or employee award nights at a brewery. Monday Night has cornhole sets and a custom made shuffleboard table to take the fun factor up another notch.

If you’re thinking (correctly) that Monday Night Brewing would be an ideal corporate event location for your company’s next function, check out our Private Tours and Events page for more info.

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