Our brewhouse got a fancy chromatic face lift.

When the inevitable robot uprising ensues, we’ll know our masters’ names. We’re pleased to introduce you to Steve Mash, Cindy Lauter, Kettle Clarkson, and Reese Whirlpool.

Siemens Simatic HMI

Our mostly manual brewhouse recently underwent top-to-bottom automation. “It’s a level up. We’re going from Squirtle to Wartortle,” says Brewmaster Peter Kiley, invoking Pokémon, because at this point no reference is off limits.
In early January, we took two weeks off from brewing in order to set the stage for these upgrades.

Peter Kiley in the Brewery

“Before we lived in this awesome world, in my opinion. Our brewhouse was so us. Every valve was manual. The beer we made was so deliberate. We have finally found an automation system that will still allow us to create the beers that we are known for, but in a way that is smarter and safer.”

At Monday Night, the hierarchy has always been safety first, followed by bettering our beer, and last (but not least according to some) making our systems easier. 

“This is going to allow all the beers we produce to be even more consistent and efficient,” says Brewer, Trevor Spink. “This system will allow the brewers more time to focus on other tasks like cleaning and organizing, and the new touchpad gives us a more omniscient view of the brewhouse. We can see each process in each vessel.” 

We’ll be christening the new system with a 30 barrel of Han Brolo for the taproom—stay thirsty!