Win a free getaway, courtesy of Blind Pirate IPA.

Are you ready to find “The One?” You know, the IPA that finally checks all of your boxes? 

You know, the IPA that finally checks all of your boxes? 

Rich in citrus flavor. Intelligently crafted with advanced hop products. Naturally made with blood oranges from the rustic Italian countryside. Endlessly alluring in its candy burnt orange hue. Never harsh, never bitter. There for you every day, through all seasons of life…this beer never “doesn’t feel like it.”

What if we told you that beer has been here all along. In an unassuming, tie-clad can that, when cracked, absolutely rocks your world. You take a sip and wistfully sigh… “Huh, Blind Pirate, it’s always been you.”

Blind Pirate IPA is the whole (6pk or 12pk) package, ready to whisk you off your feet on one of three incredibly unique (possibly romantic?) journeys this spring. 

Whether you’re camping, settling in for a night on the couch, or gearing up for a night out, Blind Pirate is truly the IPA for Everywhere.

Where is the IPA for Everywhere taking you this spring?

Trip 1: Win flights for two to anywhere in the continental United States. With Blind Pirate IPA as your fuel, jet set to your dream destination in the U.S.

Trip 2: Win a two-night tour of MNB’s taprooms across Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. Explore MNB’s four locations, including two brewing and taproom facilities in Atlanta, GA, an experimental brewpub in Birmingham, AL, and a full-service taproom in Nashville, TN. Stamp your Monday Night passport and enjoy Blind Pirate IPA  and myriad other world-class craft offerings as you trot the Southeast region.

Trip 3: Win a two-night stay in the Appalachian Mountains at the Hike Inn. Blind Pirate IPA is the ultimate post-hike refreshment. Trek into the heart of the Appalachian wilderness to enjoy a peaceful two-night stay at the Hike Inn.

Let us know you’ve entered by using the hashtag #TheIPAforEverywhere on socials!

The IPA for Everywhere.

“Blind Pirate IPA is the most well-engineered product we produce, in both flavor and brewing process. Because it’s incredibly complex in its citrus and hop flavors, each sip brings something new to the palate to enjoy. It’s a beer that I personally drink year-round, and we’re excited to show folks just how versatile this beer is in suiting their lifestyle,” says Brewmaster, Peter Kiley.

Blind Pirate IPA is available as a year-round offering on draft, in cans, in 6-packs and 12-packs across Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee wherever Monday Night is sold. 

An overdue celebration of a beer that makes us so proud, it’s time to ask where Blind Pirate can take you.

Enter to win The IPA for Everywhere Getaways at Must be 21+ to enter. No purchase necessary. Offer valid through through 5/31/22.