Welcome to the safety resources page!

Monday Night Brewing cares for their employees, final products, and guests through safe practices and creative problem-solving.

You will be paid for the time it takes you to go through your assigned trainings. Please email Emily Anderson, emily@mondaynightbrewing, with your time.

Company Safety:

General Safety is mandatory for all Monday Night Brewing employees. Please follow the below link to go through the training and take the quiz.

Production Safety:

Brewer’s Association Safety Training video modules and quizzes are mandatory for all production employees. You will complete these courses on your first day.

The modules and quizzes that are required by department are as follows: 

PIT, grain handling and grain silos, grain handling, mashing, transfer and boiling, whirlpooling and cooling

PIT, fermentation cleaning and sanitizing, fermentation and cellaring, filtering and pumping, filtering and carbonation

Packaging and Logistics:
PIT, keg cleaning, keg filling, bottling, and canning 

Hazcom Training:

Next, you’ll need to complete Hazard Communication training (or HAZCOM for short) by reviewing this powerpoint and passing the associated quiz. 

Radiation Training:

Finally, if you are a part of the Packaging and Logistics team you’ll need to complete the Radiation Safety Training and quiz considering you’ll be working near our can rejector which uses x-ray technology.

Baler Training:

Before using the baler you must read section 1 and 2 of the Baler Manual and watch the first 9 minutes of Harris Vertical Baler Training video, both located below, then take the corresponding quiz:


As for your forklift certification, here are the steps:

  1. Watch the safety videos below
  2. Complete the quiz
  3. IF you have scored above 80% you can begin your skills training.  Your manager will supervise your skills training.
  4. Once your manager believes you have demonstrated basic competence, you will proceed with Skills Sign off from the Forklift Certifier (Currently Joel Iverson) and get your license.

Other Trainings:

User Manuals: