Situational Ethics Day: 12/7/19

Situational Ethics Day is almost upon us!

It’s a time to celebrate this award-winning series of big and bold imperial stouts. Each year, brewmaster Peter Kiley and the team create our base Situational Ethics – then create three different versions, using three different barrels and three different sets of ingredients.

This year’s versions are:

On Saturday, Dec. 7. 2019, these bottles will be available to the public. We invite you to stop by Monday Night Garage starting at 12 noon to sample these beers on draft, and to take some home for the holidays.

Plus, we will have a scant few amounts of 2017 and 2018 vintages on draft and in bottles to take home. VIPs get first crack at those, so grab your tickets now.

Speaking of VIPs, we’re hosting an intimate gathering from 12 noon to 2 pm. This intimate event is designed to taste you through the process behind these beers and to learn more about the evolution of our stout program at Monday Night Garage.

Your VIP ticket includes:

  • One 500ml bottle of each of the three Situational Ethics variants (retail $13 per bottle).
  • A limited edition Situational Ethics glass, designed by Garage label artist AJ Dewitt.
  • A communal bottle share experience with unlimited (within reason) pours of each variant.
  • Family-style food pairings for each variant, featuring local eats from Boxcar ATLHeaps and Honeysuckle Gelato.
  • A sampling of each Situational Ethics variant straight from the barrel, free of adjuncts. Guided by Brewmaster Peter Kiley, this is a unique opportunity to experience the specific barrels and the qualities each impart on the liquid. 
  • An in-depth conversation with Peter on the process of barrel-aging, the intricacies of each barrel used, and the evolution of Monday Night’s stout program. 
  • Prints available for purchase from the artist behind the Situational Ethics and Garage series label design.
  • Tastings of our 2017 and 2018 vintages.
  • First dibs on additional bottle purchases of Situational Ethics, including a scant few bottles of our 2018 vintages.

We hope agree that our VIP events are different than most others. And we’d love to you have you join us once again. If you haven’t already, snag your tickets here, and we’ll see you Saturday!