Slay IPA All Day With Lay Low

90 calorie IPA is crushable, drinkable, low alcohol — and actually tastes like an IPA

We totally get it. 

You’ve been burned before by a low alcohol beer that promises big flavor, but in reality tastes like some fizzy water that someone dosed with a few hop pellets. We didn’t want to do that to you. 

That’s why it took over a year and approximately a gajillion test batches before we released Lay Low. But we think it’s worth the wait. 

Clocking in at a scant 90 calories (and 3.2% ABV), Lay Low was dry hopped with Citra, Idaho 7 and Sultana, creating the oh-so-original citrusy notes of a classic IPA. The finish is crisp, clean and dry—leaving you wanting another sip. Go ahead and treat yourself.

This is one you’ll want to have in your fridge and cooler for a workout reward. Or perhaps to get you through the kid’s weekend-long sports tournament. We won’t tell anyone what’s in your tumbler. 

Lay Low has been on draft in our Atlanta taprooms, but starting tomorrow (1/24), you’ll see Lay Low (in our brand new boxes!) wherever you find Monday Night.