Tie One On – 8th Anniversary Beer List

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Time is running out to get your tickets for Tie One On, our 8th anniversary party (Monday Night Garage, Aug. 3-4).

Get more details about our event here. But here’s what you really want: the beer list.

Note: This list is subject to change, and there are a couple more special beers we’re still working on. So stay tuned for any updates!

BIG AND BARREL AGED – RED indicates a limited, timed release.
Situational EthicsCinnamon/Vanilla Imperial Stout aged in Maple Bourbon Barrels (2017)13.8%
Situational EthicsCoffee/Vanilla Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels (2017)13.8%
Situational EthicsGingerbread Spiced Imperial Stout aged in Maple Rum Barrels (2018)13.8%
Situational EthicsChocolate Coffee Imperial Stout aged in Tawny Port Barrels (2018)13.8%
Situational EthicsChocolate Cherry Imperial Stout aged in Oloroso Sherry Barrels (2018)13.8%
Tie 8 OnStrong Ale Blended from 8 different barrel-aged beers13.5%
Ante MeridiemCoffee/Vanilla/Maple Imperial Brown Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels (2018)13.5%
Ante Meridiem (Small Batch)Coffee/Vanilla/Maple Imperial Brown Ale aged in Maple Rum Barrels13.5%
Won’t You Be My NeighborImperial Milk Stout aged in ASW Duality Double Malt Whiskey Barrels13.0%
Entente CordialeEnglish-style Barleywine aged French Cognac Barrels13.0%
Como Te LlamasHorchata-style Imperial Stout aged in Tequila Barrels12.5%
Last Will and TestamentEnglish-style Old Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels12.0%
Sympathy WeightWee Heavy aged in Maple Bourbon Barrels12.0%
Sympathy Weight (Small Batch)Wee Heavy aged in Apple Brandy Barrels12.0%
Overnight CelebrityCoconut, Espresso and Vanilla Imperial Porter aged in Maple Bourbon Barrels11.5%
GrandpaBelgian Quad aged in Bourbon Barrels11.5%
Tears of My EnemiesImperial Milk Stout aged in Scotch Barrels (2018)9.3%
Tears of My EnemiesImperial Milk Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels (2018)9.3%
Bourbon Barrel Drafty KiltBourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale (2016)8.5%
Tiramisu Bourbon Barrel Drafty KiltBourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale8.5%
Apple Cinnamon Bourbon Barrel Drafty KiltBourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale8.5%
Maple Bacon Bourbon Barrel Drafty KiltBourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale8.5%
Father FigureBlack Saison aged in Bourbon Barrels7.0%
Brevis & BrettheadDouble Dry Hopped Sour India Pale Ale8.0%
Void & FormDouble Dry Hopped Sour Indial Pale Ale7.0%
Practice What You PeachFoeder Fermented Sour Ale with Peaches and Tangerines6.1%
Vinology: SemillonFoeder Fermented American Wild Ale with Semillon Grapes5.0%
Pervasive SpeciesFoeder Fermented Mixed Culture Ale4.5%
Mischief ManagedRaspberry/Blackberry Berliner Weisse soured and fermented in white wine barrels4.5%
Fistful Of CakeChocolate-Vanilla Opera Cake Style Imperial Stout9.0%
Fistful of CakeChocolate Orange Imperial Stout9.0%
Slushee FundCherry Limeade Gose5.0%
Cardigans of the GalaxyDouble India Pale Ale9.5%
Searching For EuphoriaNew England-style India Pale Ale9.1%
Don’t Call It HotlantaQuadruple Dry-Hopped India Pale Ale8.5%
Space LettuceDouble India Pale Ale8.1%
Comfort BlanketNew England-style India Pale Ale7.5%
LundiIndia Pale Ale7.1%
SilkscreenIndia Pale Ale5.2%
Low BallSession India Pale Ale3.5%
Blind PirateBlood Orange India Pale Ale7.4%
Drafty KiltScotch Ale7.2%
Slap FightAmerican IPA5.8%
Dr. RobotBlackberry-Lemon Sour Ale5.0%
I”m on A BoatGolden Ale4.8%
Han BroloPale Ale4.7%
TBD(Special casks will be paired with our BBQ stations)TBD
Ginger Soda
Pink Lemonade

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