We’re Disrupting the Hard Seltzer Game with Narwater

Real fruit so you know it’s good.

We’re jumping into the hard seltzer game with Narwater—because a “better for you” drink should taste better, too.  Soon (like next week soon), Party Packs will be hitting store shelves. Party Packs include all three flavors: 

You may be saying, “that’s great and all Monday Night, but we’ve had about 8 million hard seltzers and pretty much all of them taste terrible.” You’re not wrong. So we crafted ours differently. Narwater is:

  1. Made with real fruit. No extracts, concentrates or flavoring. Pro tip: pour it in a glass and see the difference in color, aroma, and fizz.
  2. Brewed, not blended. We hand craft this seltzer with natural fermentation and time, not high proof ethanol diluted with water. Not to call out anyone.
  3. Pure. We use a proprietary three-stage filtration process, resulting in the purest water you can find.

Oh – It’s also gluten-free and 95 calories. 
Starting Friday (2/21), you’ll see them in our taprooms. Next week, look for it in stores—and keep up with us @narwaterhardseltzer!