Westside 10K/10 miler on December 14!





Attention runners and would-be runners! We’re planning our first race to celebrate the Westside of Atlanta. It’s a 10K or 10 miler, depending on how fast you are, and will be exclusively on the Westside. Guess where the race will end? At our brewery. Guess what happens then? You get a complimentary brewery tour and beer tasting. A portion of proceeds will benefit Ties That Matter too! Run fast, drink beer, do good.

Register for the Westside 10 here.

Check out our Facebook page here.

16 thoughts on “Westside 10K/10 miler on December 14!

  1. I don’t see any replies to the posts asking what a Ghost Runner is, so I’ll ask it too: What’s a Ghost Runner? That appears to be the only registration available.

  2. Are spectators allows to come watch and pay to do the brewery tour after with the runners?

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