Yes, We have Award-Winning Beer

You may have heard us say that Monday Night Brewing makes some of the best beer in the country. 

Well, it’s true. And we’ve been collecting medals and honors from top beer competitions around the world. Here’s a running list of the hardware we have collected.


World Beer Cup

  • Tie XII, Bronze, Wood- and Barrel-aged Strong Stout


World Beer Cup

  • Barrel Farm, Silver, Mixed-Culture Brett Beer

Great American Beer Festival

  • Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt, Bronze, Wood- and Barrel-aged Beer
  • Silent Sounds, Bronze, Mixed-Culture Brett Beer

US Open Beer Championship

  • Tears of My Enemies, Bronze, Coffee Beer
  • The Shadow King, Gold, Barrel-aged Strong Stout/Porter Extreme
  • 7 Deadly Stouts, Silver, Barrel-aged Strong Stout/PorterSpecialty
  • Tie XI, Bronze, Blended Barrel-aged Beer
  • Juice Raptor, Bronze, Fruit IPA


World Beer Cup

  • Space Lettuce, Gold, Imperial IPA
  • BBA Drafty Kilt, Bronze, Barrel-aged Beer

US Open Beer Championship

  • Times Like These, Gold, Imperial NEIPA
  • Forgotten Memories, Gold, Vegetable Beer
  • Tears of My Enemies, Gold, Coffee Beer
  • Last Will & Testament, Silver, Old Ale
  • Black Rainbow, Silver, Barrel-aged Fruit Beer
  • Tie X On, Silver, Blended Barrel-aged Beer
  • Barrel Farm, Silver, Barrel-aged Wild Beer
  • Stranger Danger, Silver, Peanut Butter Beer
  • Bourbon Barrel-Aged Drafty Kilt, Silver, Barrel-aged Scotch Ale
  • Tears of My Enemies, Bronze, Apple Brandy Spirit Barrel-aged Beer

World Beer Awards

  • Times Like These, Gold, NEIPA
  • Faithful Instruction, Gold, Framboise
  • Imaginary Grace, Silver, Guezue
  • Midnight Delight, Bronze, Chocolate Flavored Beer
  • Tears of My Enemies, Gold, Coffee Flavored Beer

Concours d’Lyon

  • Imaginary Grace, Gold, Lambic and Gueuze
  • Wolf Snacks, Gold, Imperial IPA
  • Dark Subject Matter, Gold, Imperial Stout
  • Midnight Delight, Gold, Special Beer
  • Death Raptor, Silver
  • Tie 10, Gold, Strong Dark Ale

Frankfurt International Trophy

  • For My Friend, Grand Gold, Wood & Barrel-aged Beer
  • Tears of My Enemies, Grand Gold, Stout/Porter

Aro Rojo

  • Imaginary Grace, Bronze, Lambic/Gueuze