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Your old neckties needed!

UPDATE 1/18/13: Thanks for all of your neckties! We are closing this promotion down (for now).

We know you have too many neckties. Remember that holiday-themed beauty your Aunt gave you 6 years ago? Or that too-skinny tie that you thought you would look good in, but instead it only made you look “round”? We need those. And we’re willing to pay top dollar.

We’re working on a special art project here at the brewery that requires all of your cast-off ties. And for every necktie you give us, we will give you a pint glass (up to a full case of 24 – though we’ll gladly take more ties). The neckties must be clean, intact, and something we can display on our walls (i.e. no curse-word-themed ties). Got it?

If you’ve got some ties to donate, hook us up on our contact form and we can coordinate a shady exchange of goods.

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5 thoughts on “Your old neckties needed!

  1. You guys still looking for ties? I’ve got a few that I’d be happy to drop off…

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