• 12% ABV
  • |
  • 61 IBUs
  • |
  • Wheat Wine

Centennial, Cascade and Willamette

Wheat (a lot of it) and Pilsner malts

Shellfish, Pears, Piles of Gold Dubloons



Laissez-Faire. Noun. «les-ey fair; French le-sey fer» To allow the beer to hang out in a red wine barrel for months on end. If you love free markets, you will love this wheat wine ale. Buying a bottle says a lot about you. Like “I support unrestricted freedom in commerce” or “I’ve got $10 to spare.” French oak barrels freshly cleansed of their Cabernet (it’s a red wine, a drink for rich people) add a character and depth to this beer that you won’t find in communist societies. Savor each sip. Tastes best in a golden chalice. Finally, a beer for the 1%.

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