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Piranha Dealer strawberry/vanilla milkshake IPA

Milkshake IPAs – Tasty, Yet Controversial

10.22.2019 | 0 Comments

Peter Kiley, Brewmaster When I think of the classic beer styles that have filled our glasses for hundreds of years, I think of the greats like saisons, stouts, lagers, and pilsners, just to name a few. But each of these famous styles were once revolutionary in their own time. They all disrupted the status quo, forever

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Ask a Brewer: Monday Night’s Peter Kiley

06.24.2015 | 2 Comments

The Quiet Before the Storm

03.08.2013 | 1 Comment

Hundreds of case boxes of Drafty Kilt and Fu Manbrew await their masters, bottles of beer. We’re bottling both of these beer for the first time today. No big deal. JK JK IT’S A SUPER BIG DEAL AAAAAGHHHH!!!! LOLOLOL  

Monday Night recap: Hops for the Hopless edition

04.19.2011 | 2 Comments

In addition to brewing a Belgian dubbel last night, we also strung up our hop plants, approximately 1 month late in the season. “Sorry, Messrs. Hops. We’ll try to do better next year. Now grow up your vines like weeds!” Do you know what’s a scary sight? Jeff with a saw. He took it open

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Monday Night recap: “The calm before the storm” edition

04.05.2011 | 4 Comments

“Brew like the wind, Jeffrey! Brew like the wind!” This is what we were yelling at Jeff last night as we tried to sneak in a full brewing session before the storms arrived around 11pm last night. And all in all, we were successful. A huge shout-out to Kraig and Hop City for coming through

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Monday Night recap: “User error” edition

01.18.2011 | 2 Comments

Monday Night recap: “The swing of things” edition

01.04.2011 | 0 Comments

Last night we got back into the swing of things by brewing up some Eye Patch Ale. Hello 2011! Fortunately, we were sans Joel. This enabled us to nimbly navigate the perils of weekday brewing, coming within .001 of our target gravity. Badonkadonk. One thing Jeff and I had forgotten about January is how cold

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Monday Night recap: “Family Friendly” edition

11.09.2010 | 4 Comments

The babies were out in full force last night, and they brought their fathers with them. Beer just has a way of bringing together the whole family. If the above picture isn’t enough to convince you, perhaps Exhibit B will do the trick: Actually it may be tough to make out the baby in all

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Monday Night recap: “Dog eat dog” edition

10.26.2010 | 2 Comments

ROAAARRRRR. It’s not every Monday night that we have a dog show up in a dinosaur costume. Halloween must be near. While we were all terrified that Oscar the mutt might get it in his head that he was an actual dinosaur and start eating the other dogs, we were able to keep it together

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Monday Night recap: “A stout turnout” edition

10.19.2010 | 3 Comments

Are we allowed to use the word “stout” as a pun in two consecutive titles? My brain is telling me no but my heart is telling me yes. We brewed the first stout of the year last night, a dark little number with oatmeal and flaked barley. Joel thought that “flaked barley” was simply barley

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No brewing tonight

10.04.2010 | 0 Comments

No brewing tonight, folks. Look our for a HOToberFest update post later this week, however. Enjoy the cool weather, break out the cardigan! And don’t forget to get your Monday Night discount at Hop City ? simply mention Monday Night Brewing at Hop City to get a discount on your entire purchase of craft beer.

Monday Night recap: “3 Days Late” edition

10.01.2010 | 0 Comments

Oops. It’s Friday. Better late than on the weekend, that’s my motto. We brewed up some Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale on Monday. Which would have been fine, except we ended up boiling off over 20% of our initial volume. Which is far more than normal. What does this mean? We won’t end up with the

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Monday Night recap: “Workhorse” edition

08.24.2010 | 2 Comments

This special edition of “Monday Night recap” is dedicated to Scott Williams, showing his best side in the above picture. Scott does the work of three Joels combined (which isn’t saying a ton), freeing up the rest of us to do things like drink beer and talk to newcomers. Thanks for hopping, cleaning, popping, and

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Monday Night recap: “T-shirt heaven” edition

08.10.2010 | 2 Comments

We brewed another experimental IPA last night, this one with just a hint of rye malt. Our last experimental IPA had just a hint of kilned coffee malt and turned out pretty delicious. It’s a roasty toasty IPA. Look for that on tap in 2-3 weeks. We are still dry hopping it. Also we are

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Monday Night recap: “How to take forever to fix a hose” edition

07.20.2010 | 1 Comment

We experimented with our signature Eye Patch Ale last night. We’re hoping these few tweaks (including both malts and hops) will get this beer to where we want it before we pull the trigger on launching. We’re adding a new hop, Amarillo, and getting rid of the Simcoe. Jeff was busy “working,” so Joel and

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Monday Night recap: “When it rains, we pour” edition

07.13.2010 | 0 Comments

First, I must attribute our post title to Monday Night first timer Jeff. We have been accused of many things (extreme handsomeness, delightfully balanced beers), but copyright infringement is not one of them. We had some early showers last night, but that didn’t deter us from brewing a batch of Drafty Kilt. Funny story about

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Join us for brewing, because America is awesome

07.05.2010 | 1 Comment

Hey America, happy birthday. In honor of you, we’d like to brew tonight at 8pm at Jeff’s house. And we’d like to invite other people in and around Atlanta to join us. So join us, Americans. Join us as we brew for America. It is Monday Night, after all. Image source: Making Happy

Monday Night recap: “The most glorious tour” edition

05.18.2010 | 0 Comments

We had quite the crowd last night. Atlanta Beer Week, anyone? Jeff was even able to pull out his alter ego, Mr. Tour Guide. Walking backwards, yelling, answering questions… the whole enchilada. In the picture above Jeff appears to be giving a tour of the size of the fish he just caught. Which is most

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Monday Night recap: “First wit of the year” edition

04.13.2010 | 3 Comments

And so it begins. Belgian wit season. A summertime favorite, we brew our Belgian wit with just a hint of fresh ginger and a big helping of love. We’re thinking about backing down the amount of love we add in the next batch, because it has a tendency to overpower the ginger. Here we are

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Monday Night recap: “Hops and Basketball” edition

04.06.2010 | 0 Comments

We called an audible last night. We were going to brew our Belgian wit with some fresh ginger, but at the last second we decided to brew another Eye Patch Ale instead. Our reasons were many. You are most likely not interested in them. But for the sake of making this post longer, here they

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Monday Night recap: “Peanut Butter Lady Time” edition

02.16.2010 | 0 Comments

Well, folks. Peanut Butter Lady Time, our version of Ladies’ Night, was a huge success. A larger success than your mom. Speaking of your mom, we brewed a batch of our Blind Pirate Double IPA. This beer always goes quickly, and we’re already excited about tasting it. Jeff was burning the midnight oil at work

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Monday Night recap: “To boil or not to boil” edition

02.02.2010 | 2 Comments

Greetings, fair ones. Last night we brewed up what could possibly be the final recipe for our Eye Patch Ale. We’ve been tweaking this recipe for over 3 years. It’s very close to where we want it, but we added just a skosh of wheat to give that little bit of mouthfeel we want to

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