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Garage Club

Garage Club

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8 exclusive beers, discounts, glassware, events, socks, and more!

Garage ClubSeveral years ago, we birthed the idea of a super exclusive club of beer nerds...err...aficionados.

These special folks were able to get unique beers from our nascent sour and barrel-aging program.

Then we opened the Garage, which forced us to put all of our efforts into a much larger-scale sour and barrel aging program.

But there were several people (OK, one really loud person) that clamored to bring the Garage Club back. This time, to more people with a lot more cool stuff. Thus, the Garage Club was reborn anew.

So what does this new Garage Club feature?

This members-only beer club is centered around exclusive small batch barrel-aged beers.

Membership includes:

  • 8 exclusive 500ml bottles of barrel-aged beers. These bottles will only be available to Garage Club members.
  • Invites to exclusive events like bottle shares, and a really killer brewer's dinner.
  • A pair of socks. Yes, you read that right.
  • A stemmed Teku glass.
  • A membership card that grants you a 10% discount at all of our taprooms
  • The respect and admiration of dozens.

Interested? Sign-up is easy, and handled by our friends at CraftCellr.

Questions? Please contact us.

2019-2020 Garage Club Beers

Members recieve 8 different bottles throughout the year, exclusive to members

Level 4

ABV 13%

Level 3

ABV 6%

Level 2

ABV 11.5%

Level 1

ABV 13%