Give Back With Slapsgiving this November

Drinking a beer feels inherently good. It loosens you up. Provides a sense of well-being. And if it’s Monday Night brew, there’s no doubt you’re savoring the flavor. But while drinking beer feels good, does it…do good? 

A montage of college debauchery flashes before your eyes, leading you to believe the answer *might* be no. 

Introducing Slapsgiving, an initiative between Monday Night Brewing, our local community food banks, and several industry partners. In the month of November, every pint and 6-pack of Slap Fight purchased will provide meals for families in need through our partnerships with Atlanta Community Food Bank, Community Food Bank of Central Alabama and the Nashville Food Project.

Here’s how it works:  

For each case of Slap Fight sold through our grocery partners, $2 will be donated to ACFB. For each pint of Slap Fight sold through select restaurant  partners on Mondays, $3 will be donated to ACFB.

Our grocery and distributor partners include KrogerPublixAtlanta Beverage Company, Eagle Rock, LaGrange Grocery, and Leon Farmer. Our restaurant partners include Whitehall Tavern, L5 Corner Tavern, Hapeville Corner Tavern, Zuccas Pizzeria Smyrna, The Corner Taqueria, Vintage Tavern, Hudson Grille, McCray’s Tavern, and Taco Mac.

If you enjoy a Slap Fight pint in our taprooms, know that we’ll be donating:

  • $1 for every Slap Fight sold at the Garage and West Midtown to ACFB 
  • $1 for every Slap Fight sold at Monday Night Social Club to Community Food Bank of Central Alabama 
  • $1 for every Slap Fight sold at Monday Night Preservation Society to the Nashville Food Project

Our taprooms will also be accepting food drive donations all through the month of November.

For every $1 donated to ACFB, up to four meals are provided to families. 

That means, for example, if 1,000 pints of Slap Fight are purchased at the Garage alone in November, you will help provide up to 4,000 meals to families with food insecurity.

Across all of our taprooms and incredible partners, all month long, Slapsgiving’s  potential for impact is massive

We’d like to thank our amazing grocery, restaurant, distributor and non-profit partners for bringing Slapsgiving to life. However many Slap Fights you can drink on behalf of the greater good this November is very much appreciated. 

Happy Slapsgiving, y’all! Time to crack a cold one. 

To learn more about our non-profit partners, please visit their websites: 

Atlanta Community Food Bank

Community Food Bank of Central Alabama 

Nashville Food Project

Find Slap Fight near you with this map.