Saint Monday Blesses the Market 11/8.

Saint Monday is a New Helles Lager, Available Now Across Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.

ATLANTA, GA. (November 8, 2021) – Blessing the market on November 8, Saint Monday, a new seasonal Helles Lager from Monday Night Brewing, is the patron beer of all things light and crisp. Spicy and floral notes culminate in a clean, bready, and dare we say, benevolent finish. 

At 4.4% ABV, this brew was conceived as a recovery beer of sorts, as a nod to a centuries-old tradition of the same name, Saint Monday, which is the custom of playing hooky from work on a Monday after a weekend of revelry. The practice originated in the seventeenth century among craft workers when the workweek ran from Monday to Saturday. As craft (beer) workers, Monday Night has a lot of respect for their predecessors’ savvy, and, of course, are always stoked for a Monday-themed celebration (ahem, the most underrated day of the week). 

Saint Monday also possesses personal historical significance for Brewmaster, Peter Kiley. “My dad Walter grew up in Germany, right outside of Berlin as an Army brat. We’ve made so many experiential, experimental, fun beers that play into the essence of craft, but every once in a while I find myself passionate for the past,” he muses. “It’s a really fun world to live in when you think about exploring such a historical style of beer, like the Helles Lager.” 

Helles is a traditional pale lager beer from Germany, renowned for its bright color and refreshing taste. Saint Monday is classic in the sense that, ingredient-wise, it features the hallmark German malts—Pilsner and Munich—and German hops, Hallertau, Mittlefruh, and Saaz. Finding the right balance in paying homage to the past and advancing the style were top of mind for Kiley. 

“We have a lot of modern technology that we were able to play with, versus some of the older styles,” he says, “but just because you have the new technology doesn’t mean you should always use it.” One area in which Monday Night deployed its advanced technology was its focus on water chemistry to mimic the water found in the Southern region of Germany, where Helles Lagers hail from.

Saint Monday is available now wherever Monday Night is sold across Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and the brewery’s four taprooms. “This beer is beautifully brilliant. When you look at it, it’s crushable on the palate, you’re truly tasting the expressions from the malts, the hops, the yeast,” Kiley adds. “It’s a hybridization of the past and the present in order to create future flavors for our brand.”


About Monday Night Brewing

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Monday Night Brewing grew out of a small Bible study. Founded by Jonathan Baker, Joel Iverson and Jeff Heck, Monday Night Brewing exists to deepen relationships over some of the best beer in the country. Brewmaster Peter Kiley oversees brewing operations. Find out more about its award-winning selection of beers at

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