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Setting the Table (Of Contents)


This low ABV (4.5%) table beer really hits a sweet spot for us. Table of Contents is an easy drinking beer that’s approachable for almost every palate, and perfect for sharing during all sorts of meals – from a great steak to taco Tuesdays.

One of the unique aspects of this table beer is that it’s fermented in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels with multiple different strains of Brettanomyces (otherwise known as “Brett”). “Because of the nature of Brett and the fact we’re using wine barrels, it’s a vintage beer, so there will never be another one like it,” said brewmaster Peter Kiley.  

Despite the low alcohol content, the oaky complexities picked up in the barrel make it “dynamic and complex enough to pair well with food, but it’s also great for middle of the day drinking,” said Kiley. 

If this beer sounds familiar, that’s because we were originally scheduled to release it last year. But we were forced to table it for a good reason – Tetrahydropyridine (THP). 

If you’ve tasted a beer that has some flavors of a certain toasted oat cereal or (yikes) urine, then you tasted THP.

“Before we release a new batch of beer, we put it through our quality control,” said Cellar Manager Aaron Butzen. “When we tasted Table of Contents, we got THP. We’d always rather pull a flawed beer like that rather than put it out in the market, so that’s what we had to do.” 

The good news is THP usually clears up, so after several months, it’s passed our quality controls and is ready to go.

“I just want to thank people for being patient. We had to ask them to give us some time because it (Table of Contents) was not ready. Now that it’s ready, we’re excited about what people will say,” said Kiley. 

Table of Contents will be available at the Garage on Saturday, July 13 on draft and to go. Look for it out in the market soon after. 

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