Garage Club Level 4: Coming May 1

Want in on Garage Club? Some spots still available. Details here.

We’re having too much fun with Garage Club to pause it now! For Level 4, barrel whisperer Tim combined two of our favorite social distancing coping mechanisms—a big (13%) bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout and those chocolate sandwich cookies that come in a bright blue package. Do I really have to tell you how awesome it is? OK, sure. it’s an amazing chocolate experience. 

Bottles will be ready for pickup starting on Friday, May 1. Just make sure you have your CraftCellr app ready to go.
A couple things/changes to note:

  • Pick-up will be available at WEST MIDTOWN ONLY, between 1pm-7pm starting Friday, 5/1.
  • Additional hours: 12-6pm Saturday, and 1-6pm Sunday-Thursday. 
  • Pick-up will be DRIVE-THRU only. You can read more about our decision to operate as a drive-thru (and temporarily close the Garage) in the interest of our staff and guests’ health here.
  • Additional bottles of Level 1-4 are now also available (you can reserve via CraftCellr)