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The Noble “History” of our Serrano Eye Patch Ale

We can’t say we’re proud to disclose this, but our Serrano Eye Patch Ale isn’t an original recipe. We’ve been living a lie for too long and now we’re finally ready to come clean. In preparation for Cinco de Mayo, here is the story of the little beer that helped win a big battle…..

In 1861, things were bleak for Mexico. Their government, nearly bankrupt, was unable to pay off debts to foreign governments. Enraged, Napoleon III (Not the famous one. What a loser.) led French forces through Veracruz towards Mexico City with the intention of taking over the country in response to not receiving his payment.

Cornered near the city of Puebla, Ignacio Zaragoza was in a bind. He knew he needed to fire up his troops, but he didn’t know how. Luckily, the city of Puebla had a local craft brewery, Cervecería del Lunes por la Noche, whose three founders felt they had a plan. They added local Serrano peppers to their already popular IPA, creating a spicy new beer that Zaragoza was able to give to his troops and give them the push they needed to rout the French.

Fast-forward to two years ago. Our founders were on a beer-researching expedition to the Puebla wilderness. Just when all hopes for inspiration seemed lost, they discovered the ruins of that old brewery, Cervecería del Lunes por la Noche. Searching the ruins, they found a single remaining recipe: that Serrano IPA from so many years ago. Upon bringing the recipe back to America and translating the ingredients, they realized it was almost identical to their popular Eye Patch Ale, with the exception of the spicy Serrano peppers.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a cold Serrano Eye Patch Ale. Enjoy the taste of “history” and the defeat of the French.

BREAKING: Monday Night Brewing Acquires Sweetwater Brewing Co.

Note: The following is an April Fool’s Day prank. Don’t fall for it.

ATLANTA, GA – Monday Night Brewing, an Atlanta-based craft brewery, made a big move yesterday in finalizing their acquisition of fellow Atlanta brewery, Sweetwater Brewing Company. The new entity will adopt the Monday Night name and immediately become the 15th largest craft brewery in the United States. This acquisition is consistent with Monday Night’s recent announcement of opening a new barrel-aging and souring location in Atlanta at the end of summer 2017.

The move will eventually bring Monday Night’s Georgia brewery count to three, and is part of a larger strategy to expand their market share and bring their purpose of “deepening human relationships” to as many people as possible.

Monday Night, whose beers frequently dazzle the palate with complex and balanced flavor, purchased Sweetwater with the intent of branching out to a wider demographic looking for simpler, blueberry-flavored beers. The acquisition team at Monday Night was able to negotiate the purchase for three pairs of Chacos, a jug of patchouli oil, some tie-dye supplies, and a list of immature sexual puns.

Digital rendering of MNB logo at Sweetwater patio.

When asked for more information about the acquisition, Monday Night co-founder Jonathan Baker said, “Frankly, we’re just glad to get the sale finalized. We’ve been searching for a light blueberry ale to round out our portfolio, and the fact that it was brewed by actual hippies gives us some real street cred in the craft beer community.” Sweetwater’s Mom, who happened to be on the phone with Baker when we arrived for the interview, expressed her approval of the deal, saying she was “just so proud” of Sweetwater. With fewer responsibilities, the team at Sweetwater is expected to spend the rest of the year attending Phish concerts and perfecting their brownie recipe.

About Monday Night Brewing
Monday Night was founded out of an Atlanta bible study, with a group of guys homebrewing beer on Monday nights as a way to get to know each other better. They brew beers for the weeknight – balanced, flavorful beers that pair well with food.

Digital rendering of new porch and lot.

About Sweetwater
Sweetwater was founded back in the 90s by a college kid with a dream: to make pretty good beer that people would more or less enjoy. They have achieved that goal and more, becoming the biggest craft brewery in Atlanta. They’re known for their flagship beer, SB51 Patriot Extra Pale Ale, and running a lame Twitter account. They also refuse to “float the mainstream”, whatever that means. Sweetwater had no part in the writing of this press release, and we would like to thank them in advance for not suing us over this.

Contact: Monday Night
Jonathan Baker, Marketing Guy and Master of Mind Control
670 Trabert Avenue NW Atlanta GA 30318

Contact: Sweetwater
Sweetwater’s Mom
123 Easy Street, Atlanta GA 30420

APRIL FOOL’S! But in all seriously, we respect the heck out of what Sweetwater has done for Atlanta, this state, and craft beer in general. They’ve paved the way for little guys like us to even have a chance at success, and have been incredibly generous to us with their time and resources along the way. Sweetwater’s IPA was one of the beers that we fell in love with originally, so they will also hold a special place in our heart. Plus, they are really good sports.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Brewing and beer are frequently stereotyped as “men’s worlds”. Beer ads are often targeted at men, using women as little more than props to hold the beer. This way of thinking is not only toxic but also untrue. In 2014, women aged 21-34 represented 15% of ALL craft beer consumption, and drank “above index,” meaning that they consume it at a greater rate than the national average. Though women comprise a larger market segment every year, they are not well represented in industry careers. An overwhelming majority of brewers, brewmasters, and other brewery operating staff are male. Women are consistently underrepresented in positions in brewing, with only 17% of breweries having a female CEO and 4% with a female brewmaster. While women are a major force powering the success of craft beer, the industry itself still has far to go.

Today is International Women’s Day. To help break the stereotype that craft beer “isn’t for women,” we wanted to follow the stories of how our female employees ended up at Monday Night and share their thoughts about working in the brewing industry. We spoke to six of our full-time female employees, including:

We talked about their experiences, positive and negative, to show what it is like to be a woman in a still male-heavy industry.

The Journey to Monday Night

Given the breadth of their jobs at Monday Night, it shouldn’t be surprising that all of our women come from different backgrounds. Kelsey initially joined Monday Night as a bartender, Sarah used to be a paralegal, Carlen worked in TV production, Rachel K. was a bartender in Chicago, Jaclyn worked with a distribution company, and Rachel B. first came to Monday Night through a marketing internship. One thing they all had in common? A love of good beer.

“I seriously had beernerd fan girl moments when I first started my internship” says Rachel B.

Sarah, who made her first foray into the craft brewing industry with Goose Island as a weekend host, says the main perk was being able to “reap the benefits of free shift beer.” However, none of these women joined the industry just to get a free buzz.

“I quickly fell in love with how fascinating beer is,” says Sarah, “Science! History! Food! Culture! I studied anthropology, so the fact that beer ties into every aspect of the development of civilization really caught my interest.”

Carlen, unable to find a full time job in TV production, grew tired of the unpredictability of contract work. Familiar with the Monday Night founders through their homebrewing roots in the garage, she “checked the blog daily, waiting for them to post jobs. […] Working for a brewery wasn’t something I necessarily intended to do, but four years later, I feel so lucky to be a part of it.”  

An Imperfect Industry

Unfortunately, though we work hard at Monday Night to provide an inclusive work environment, we can only do so much to combat sexism in the industry as a whole. Some made light of it and Jaclyn opened with a joke, saying her “personal beer knowledge is challenged, because how can a woman know anything about a man’s beverage?” She then went on to open up about “accounts who take advantage of my contact information, and call/text me at all hours of the night asking me to come hang out or if I’m still awake.” While this is an extreme example, the other women were not immune.

Carlen says that in general women are “not taken seriously, and people are legitimately surprised when we actually know what we’re talking about. Our opinions are belittled because it’s assumed we’re just regurgitating facts and figures that a man must have told us.”

Kelsey echoed this opinion, citing that she doesn’t always feel as respected as her male colleagues.  

Luckily, the future appears to be looking up, and few of our employees felt sexism in brewing was a daily struggle. Rachel K, who has a management position in the company as a sales director, stated her plan to keep the progress rolling, saying

As a hiring manager I think the number one way to support women in this industry is to interview them, hire them when they are qualified, and support them equally as their male counterparts.”

For the Love of Beer

Why stay in a male-dominated industry where people don’t always take you seriously? Love of the game. “Beer is more than just a beverage for me; it’s a conversation starter, a means of celebration, and at times a bit of liquid courage,” says Jaclyn, explaining her love for a drink that she’s built a career around. Rachel B. loves the excitement, and said that “it’s very rarely boring.”

Sarah gushed about her job, saying “I love that it’s mentally challenging and physically active. […] I also love that the industry as a whole is open and collaborative. Craft brewers are all in this together.”

Kelsey also explained her love for it all: everyone’s desire to be the best in every regard and the pursuit of our never-ending quest to have the best product for the best price at the best bar. When asked why she has worked at Monday Night for so long, Carlen simply said, “The people I work with. Monday Night has some of the best in the business, and I feel so lucky to have such an amazing team. The beer’s pretty good too.”

Happy International Women’s Day from Monday Night Brewing! To celebrate, all of the women featured in this article (and a few more) came together to brew the newest member of our Small Batch Series, SMASH the Glass Ceiling, a single hop and single malt ale dry hopped with rose hips and violets, two symbols of the women’s suffrage movement. It’s available in our tasting room starting tomorrow, and 20% of the proceeds from all tours sold on Thursday will be donated to BeLoved Atlanta!

Monday Night Prom 2017: Magic Under The Sea

Prom 2017: Magic Under The Sea

Oh My God. Prom 2017 was assuredly life changing for all those involved. Remember back in high school when we thought prom couldn’t get any better? We were wrong. Turns out beer makes EVERYTHING better.  Our 3rd annual Monday Night Brewing Prom was a magical experience and it wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing vendors that helped make it all happen: Marquee Events, Doggy Dogg, Balloons Over Atlanta, and Peachtree Tents and Events.

In what has become a yearly tradition at Prom, our bar featured some of our favorites from Monday Night history. Centaur, Laissez-Faire, Mom Jeans, and our 2015 Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt all made reappearances, teaming up with our newest Black Tie Series beer, Tears of My Enemies Scotch Barrel Milk Stout and a Garage Series Maple Bourbon Barrel Wee Heavy. To tie it all together, everyone went home with a 22oz bomber of our special prom beer, an Imperial Pilsner aged in Ruby Port barrels with strawberries.

Thanks to FreshTix for providing some of the photos! We especially loved the photos of our Senior Market Manager Ben Glazner’s engagement to his now-fiancé, Molly. Below we have some of our favorite pictures from the event. If you want, you can see the full album here. Everyone looked awesome in their prom attire. If you see one of you, feel free to download it for yourself!


Tears of My Enemies: Like Revenge, Best Served Cold

Tears of My Enemies is next up in our Black Tie Series, so named because it will be the most delicious thing you ever taste. We’re pretty excited about it. This beer has a milk stout base that we then aged in 18-year scotch barrels, imparting a smoky, oaky flavor. We then added raw vanilla beans and locally roasted Batdorf & Bronson Coffee. If you pay close attention, you may even be able to detect hints of Aaron Rodgers’s post-playoff loss tears, sourced locally at the Georgia Dome.

One thing that makes this beer unique is how we infused the coffee. A lot of breweries just mix cold brew into the stout, but that can weaken the beer and give it a more bitter flavor. In our process, we used the whole bean, giving our stout an amazing coffee aroma, without sacrificing any of the decadence.

Everyone’s got an enemy. Maybe it’s your neighbor who just planted that hideous topiary. Maybe it’s Scooby Doo and the Gang. Whoever it is, relish in your inevitable victory with the smooth and chocolatey flavor of our Tears of My Enemies Scotch Barrel Milk Stout.